Getting a German Motorcycle License

Last year I decided that I would get my motorcycle license in Germany. I already have a Canadian motorcycle license but the agreement between Canada and German only covers class 'B' vehicles, meaning all two-track vehicles under 3500 Kg.

The German drivers license system is not particularly the easiest so I am quite thankful that while I can not simply transfer my Canadian for German license I 'only' have to take the theory and practical tests. I say only because a normal drivers license can cost thousands if you have to go through the entire process with required classroom and driving hours.

I registerd myself with a local driving school and got the ball rolling at the 'D.O.T' in Munich. I had to buy two separate sets of practice tests because the motorcycle license contains both basic questions and questions specific to motorcycles. So I went home with both the class B and A packets. The class B packet contains 60 practice test each with 20 questions, the class A packet contains 38 practice tests each with 10 questions.

Thats 1,580 questions! (probably 100 unique questions)

Each question is assigned a score ranging between 2 and 5. Points are scored against you so if you get a question wrong your points go up. The answer is wrong if it does not contain all possible correct answers when the question is asking for the correct answers, or at least 1 incorrect answer when the question is asking for incorrect answers.

The motorcycle theory test contains 20 questions and you are allowed a maximum of 6 points. So you are pretty much screwed if you answer two qestions wrong. Unless you are extremely lucky and answer two low point questions wrong, but generally the low point questions are easy.

So just about every night now for the past month I have been going through the damn questions and I am still making mistakes! I probably have a couple weeks left before the DOT has my papers ready to send over to the testing center, perhaps by then I will have all the different questions memorized.

The only problem is that it leaves little time in the evenings for to much else...

Well I will probably be a bit more active once this whole business is over with.

Wish me luck!

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6 Comments to "Getting a German Motorcycle License"- Add Yours
Jim Priest's Gravatar Whoa - that's a lot of questions! Is there a riding part of the exam as well?

Here in the States is almost too simple. What kind of bike are you riding?
# Posted By Jim Priest | 4/17/08 5:48 PM
Gary Gilbert's Gravatar Hi Jim,

Yeah there is also a driving test but not just a simple balance test, they take you out and do a road test too. There are a lot of rules and an over abundance of traffic signs. Then they take you to a parking lot or something and set up a little obstacle course and the balance test starts. If you doing forget all the rules of the road out to the test site and manage the balance test you are good to go.

I'm using the driving schools CBR 600 to take the test, I've ordered a bike which I will definitely post about along with a couple pictures...
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 4/18/08 4:55 AM
Jim Priest's Gravatar Ah a CBR600 shouldn't be too bad depending on the obstacle course.

So what did you order :) I picked up a V-Strom 650 this fall and absolutely love it:
# Posted By Jim Priest | 4/18/08 8:53 AM
Ron Rogers's Gravatar Good luck!!! Question: were you able to get the questions in English? If so, where did get them?
I talked with the folks at one of the local "fahrschule" in Ueberlingen am Bodensee and they were able to find the class B tests in English but not the class A.
I called TUV and they said English is available, so I have the fahrschule checking again.
My German language skills are OK, but I'm sure I would have a very difficult time taking the test in German.
A friend of mine from Texas will also need to take the tests and he knows very little German.
Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My BMW is waiting for me to take her to the Alps.
# Posted By Ron Rogers | 5/6/08 4:36 PM
Gary's Gravatar Hi Roger,

I studied quite a bit for the damn test. I took both theory and practical last friday and passed both woot!

I have english class B (slightly used) as well as the class A (in german) with english translation sheets. You still need the class A german practice tests sheets for the pictures.

If you want you can get in contact with me gary[at]

The big thing is to practice, practice and practice some more. You are only allowed six failure points in 20 questions, most questions are worth either 3 or 4 points which means you really can only get one question wrong and still have any hope of passing.

If you know the rules of the road in Germany the practical shouldnt be too tough.
# Posted By Gary | 5/6/08 5:16 PM
tilo's Gravatar yeah too bad that they don't have any agreement for motorcycle license. hope u now already had ur german license.

i'm here in BC and consider to get a Class 6 because so much cheaper her in Canada then in germany, but with a required test in germany is not that much better.Of course u safe the German mandatory lesson which is quite a bucket of $$, but not that easy like i hoped
# Posted By tilo | 11/28/08 2:50 AM

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