Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits.

I have been living in the Cleveland Park area of Washington DC since 2001 and have come to love this yuppy neighborhood and its many restaurants, bars, and shops. Cleveland Park also has a really good wine shop and even better staff. Cleveland Park wine has come to occupy a special place in my life and I really couldn't handle seeing it's old stagnant website any longer, so I took matters into my own hands

I approached the manager Tony and managed to convince him that I could create something truly useful, and pleasing to the eye. Something he himself would be able to update without knowing HTML or any scripting language. He was intrigued and soon we met to discuss requirements.

I put together a rough sketch of the pages and the layout and worked on creating the admin section of the website that would allow Tony to create news articles, specials, create picture galleries and upload and manage images, and finally create events for the event calendar.

With the backend virtually complete in 3 days I started working on the graphical interface that the customers would see. This is my weak area, not only with the imagination aspect but also my familiarity with Adobe Photoshop. I fished around on the internet looking at just about every template website out there for something to spark an idea of what to do. Not finding any one site that seemed to fit the bill I started out with paper and pencil sketching some ideas down, and trying to make them come to life in Photoshop. I showed a couple to Tony and we settled on a basic design, he wasn't thrilled with what I had come up with but I told him that the process wasn't quite complete yet. I spend a couple more days with the design and thought that it would do nicely and converted the image into HTML layout for the site

I showed the site to Tony who, while liking it, wasn't quite blown away with it. He felt it was still a bit flat. With a few suggestions from friends I went back to Photoshop to spruce the site up with a few more images, and a scrolling images slideshow of visiting wine makers. This time I hit the nail on the head, when I showed Tony the site he was very happy, which in turn made me very happy.

The old site:

The new site:

You can see the new site in action at www.ClevelandParkWine.com