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Flex 2.0 Photo Album

Two to three years ago I was invited to participate in the beta test of a new technology that Macromedia was developing named Flex. This technology, based on XML and Flash, would allow developers like myself to develop rich internet applications without having to know the Flash development environment much better suited to designers familiar with timelines and stages etc.

I enjoyed the initial Beta of the product but it was a tad unwieldy for me and prohibitively expensive so I casually forgot about it, until about 3 months ago when I discovered that Adobe was going to be releasing version 2 of Flex and they were holding an open Beta test as well as a developer derby competition.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give the product another try and see how far it had improved from version 1

I decided that I would enter the competition be rebuilding a small Photo Album application I built a few years ago. The photo album application was built using Coldfusion MX component based architecture so was very well suited to providing a basis for a new front end. I would simply need to build a new services component that would act as a wrapper to my components and enable it for remoting and or webservices, and of course build the Flex front end. It turned out to be remarkably easy to put the User Interface together using the Flex Builder and with a little graphics help from Jamal Braxton the U.I. was complete in a couple of days.

A couple more days to figure out the required Action Scrip 3.0 classes and the project was done.

On May 31st I submitted my entry into the developer derby without any expectation of winning. Well the jury is still out, and I still don't expect to win anything but I also didn't expect Adobe to choose my little application as good enough to add to their Technology Showcase.

The showcase has quite a few entries and I am quite proud to have been accepted as an entry.

You will have to have Flash Player 9 to view any of the entries.

Update June 28th 2006: The winners of the developer derby have been announced congratulations to all the winners! Also all the showcase entries for flex beta have been removed, as well as my photo album, I believe the entries will be moved to the Adobe Flex website. At present they don't have a showcase section.