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Toolkit For Managing Electronic Records

Tookit for managing electronic records

The Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records is a web portal that provides summary descriptions of a collection of guidance products for managing electronic records and resources ("tools") that have been developed by NARA and other organizations.

I came into this project several months after it had already started, the previous developer had quit the company and left them holding the bag with no other capable resource to pick it up and move forward. At the time I had no prior knowledge of Oracle Application Express other than it being an Oracle product. I immediately downloaded the documentation and set about familiarizing myself with the product. In short order I had determined that this product was what I would call an "MS Access" type product meaning template based, with one major exception that being Oracle developed it and it was only on version 2. This told me two things: 1) It's bound to be buggy and 2) It's going to be lacking features and flexibility. Both of which turned out to be true.

Nevertheless the technology was mandated prior to my start on the project and there really wasn't any use complaining about it or trying to convince the customer otherwise, so I took it for what it was; a challenge to learn something new!

For various reasons I had to throw out all the work by the previous developer, which made the customer very nervous about meeting the deadline or budget. I worked very hard to win the confidence of the client and worked closely with them in an iterative development and QA cycle.

By keeping the customer closely involved in the development of the application they gained a strong sense of ownership and that close integration was ultimately responsible for the overall success of this project.

In developing this application I gained insight into and practical experience developing an application with a new Oracle product. At the same time my client gained a useful application that they have a sense of ownership and pride in.